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Company Profile



Pioneer Plastech (HK) LTD. is a Hong Kong based company, doing business in China since 2003, has extended manufacturing in China since 2012, serving three US sister companies: Pioneer Plastics Inc., Thermotech Company  and Group Tool Inc.  Based in Hopkins, Minnesota, Thermotech operates facilities in México and China. With over 8 manufacturing facilities and over 1000 employees worldwide, Thermotech has a global reach with 11 global warehouses and distribution hubs.                    

At Pioneer Plastech, we employ the latest molding technologies to insure your product’s consistency and quality. We practice Scientific Decoupled Molding, which focuses on the behavior of the material, not process set points. By controlling melt viscosity, cavity pressure and melt temperature, we ensure consistent mold filling and packing. We perform an analysis at the mold qualification stage to establish optimum processing conditions. In addition, our system of Computer Integrated Manufacturing couples machine parameters with in-mold sensing, for real-time process control.

We offer in-house design and build of custom automation to meet the specific manufacture and testing needs of your program. Through a cost matrix analysis, we provide you with options for the most cost-effective solution. Once in production, we provide round-the-clock automation maintenance support to minimize downtime.

Our multinational team offers American management, technical support along with local engineers who are experienced in working with multinational customers. We service a wide range of customers and have repeated success in variety of industries including automotive, medical, electronics and industrial.